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This program is a futurist idea in the golf industry. The focus of this program is player development. Our goal is to produce mentally tough, physically fit, fundamentally sound golfers. The emphasis is on awareness. This philosophy is based on the idea that awareness develops players to their potential and that the role of our mental, physical and golf professionals is coaching. When a player in any sport is coached, the emphasis is on developing the strengths and potential of the athlete. Coaching is a process. It involves evaluation, improvement plans, and drills – all individually custom designed for the player.

Individual Golf Instruction
MetaGolf Offers Individual Instruction Year-Round to Golfers of All Ages and Abilities
Club Fittings of the Highest Caliber
Trackman Technology - Outdoor Fittings from Turf-Grass - World Class Staff
Competitive Junior Instruction
MetaGolf Takes Great Pride in the Development of Serious Junior Golfers Throughout Colorado and Beyond
Corporate Programs / Events / Merchandise
Group Programs
MetaGolf Offers Group Programs for Golfers of All Ages and Abilities Throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall Months
Junior Programs
MetaGolf Offers Programs for All Ages and Abilities of Junior Golfers
JC Video and V1 Video Analysis Systems
MetaGolf's Video Analysis Systems Help Students Visually Understand and Improve Golf Motions
Official AboutGolf Simulator Distributor
Official AboutGolf Simulator Distributor

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"Posture" Yourself for a better swing

By Scotty Hofer

 The quickest way to improve your golf swing is to improve your golfing posture...

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